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Market Tour


Walking through the noisy and colorful Indian bazaars is an experience which will be an experience etched in your memory - sight, sound and smell. Vendors out-crying each other, housewives bargaining cheerfully, cows and goats gleefully wandering around in the crowded alleys.

Walk inside the Crawford Market and get tempted by the fragrance of fresh fruits and fresh vegetables and sights of dry fruits and snacks displayed in perfect formations. Pass the pet shops selling adorable puppies, birds in exotic colorful plumage, fish swimming in small tanks.

A stone's throw from Crawford Market is the Mangaldas Market which is a wholesale cloth market. It has several shops selling materials for salwars, dresses, shirts and of course saris.

Proceed to the Spice Market just round the corner where tons of Indian spices and chilies are sold.

Last head to the Colaba Causeway which is one of the most frequented destination in the city. It has a large number of street stalls that have everything on offer- ready made Indian / Western wear, furnishings, crockery, hand loomed products, fruit, vegetable and flower shops- a heady mix!

Duration: 3-4 hours




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